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The Kip Cantrick Company was established in 1980 to represent various manufacturers of foam products and materials. Listed below are the companies and products we represent and information that will be of interest to you.

Gaska Tape
Gaska Tape is a manufacturer of closed cell foams and foam tapes. Products include PVC foams, polyester blended foams, and foams with adhesives. Utilized in tape grade form or as die cut shapes, our products are used for water seals, sound deadening, anti rattle (BSR. NVH) and cushioning in a variety of industries including automotive, medical, HVAC, glazing, and high-strength bonding.

Qycell specializes in the production of high-­performance closed-cell cross-linked polyolefin foams. Applications include die cutting, laminating, welding and thermoforming due to the foam's superior consistency. Qycell manufactures cross-linked, both irradiated and chemical; EVA, and micro-cellular bun and roll foams for a wide base of industries including automotive, medical, packaging and sporting gear.

Central Plastics Inc.
Central Plastics is a premier extruder of triple extrusions. Utilizing a variety of materials including PE, PVC, TPE, Styrene, PP, Polyurethane, and TPOs, industries served include windows and doors, P.O.P displays, fixtures and signage. Central Plastics also can supply PSA, and perform a variety of secondary operations.

Customised Polymers Ltd.
Customised Polymers Ltd. extrudes polyethylene foam profiles that include tubes, rods and narrow planks as well as specialized shapes that are extruded with a specific application or function in mind. Customised Polymers can provide custom profiles for many industries, including packaging, automotive, furniture, recreational and medical.


Block Molded Bead Foams
EPS and EPP product solutions for commercial and industrial customers available in blocks, sheets and individual parts.

Custom Molded Bead Foams
EPS, EPP, Arcel and other copolymer resins are available for custom part molding applications, including automotive, medical & packaging.

Injection Molding
Specializing in injection molding, painting and assembly with an expertise in thermosets. We are very innovative and have had great success in engineering new cost effective solutions to existing parts and assemblies. Fully QS9000 certified.

Extruded Thermoplastic Recycled Rubber Products
Extruded thermoplastic rubber turned into sheet products that are being used in many applications from automotive parts to dairy aisle runners to fitness equipment.

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The Kip Cantrick Company is proud of the fact that we have developed a very experienced and stable organization to support our customers. With a combined 40+ years experience in the industry, we are able to use our expertise while working with your engineering staff to establish the right product(s) for your applications' requirements. How can we help you?

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